Thursday, April 07, 2011


her body is beauty finally revealed, every time
every time is a first time, first time in the history of firsts, of time itself
curves like lush hillsides, smooth brown skin almost green in homage, areolas are bursts of poui blossoms puckering in mouth-warmed winds, lips are kisses even without contact.
her body is its own world of softness and soft heat inviting and enticing, inciting and delighting, while eyes try to hide their warmth, try to hide their depth, hide behind hair, under hair, inside hair, inside my mind, eye in my mind building desire…
she is beauty revealed, finally
finally showing herself delicately wrapped in love and lights turned down low, cautiously venturing her heart, her all silently breathing at its heels, everything even more than possibly imagined, more beautiful, more eternal, this gift.
finally, beauty revealed to my mind and hand
sensible to feeling as to light
touch elevated, fingers become feathers become tongues, liquid limbs become leather straps gripping and groping, grabbing each others flesh, curves, flowering hillsides, sliding on skin lightly moistened with sweet sweat, neck arched impossibly fragile strong shoulders heaving jaw fighting biting air as she twists she bucks she comes for the first time, first time of many this time, first death, life, universe birthed into damp nothing pulsing with the potential of being, she mounts straddles rides climbs her way up into highest wildest jungle, tangling hands in hair, hair and hands everywhere like breath panting into hidden ears, onto thighs rising into heaven crashing pounding river flowing gushing rushing pushing up+outward ever rising spilling…

…crickets’+cocquis’ hallelujah chorus fade into silence with consciousness…

walk good.


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