Thursday, February 03, 2011

allow me to gush a moment; make sure and press play...bes' band!

‎​since the big bad band gyazette reach the portable playlist i eh listen to nutting else, love how powerful i feel cuttin' it on the main road with "little millionaire" or "down" in my ears, armed with tha' port-of-spain sound; and since salcedo gimme the rough mix of "captain" (big-up kesh/lazabeam!) i eh listen to nutting else in the house, fallen in love with it in a whole new way- always love the song, it's vibe+message and love it as band anthem/flagship-song, but is not the song i waiting, dying, crying to hear when the band play, until now- is like i finally hearing it as it intended to sound and i so in love with it that this morning, travelling to diego i listening to "captain" on repeat, which i never do 'cause i have "little millionaire" and "down" back-to-back, but i so loving it i never reach "little millionaire" before coming out the maxi, and it raining, pouring, and i nipplicious in a white vest (and we know i have no bras) lambasting myself 'cause if i hadna listen to "captain" 3extra times in the house and leave 10minutes earlier instead, ma woulda still be home so i could call and say it raining please pick me up by the stand, but then, i have gyazette so i eh business, i waiting out the rain happy and tryna remember not to wine too hard as i finally let the track switch to "little millionaire". i grooving, so caught up in bes' music i eh studying nutting else around until i go to walk and see some dude foot step off the curb same time as mine looking familiar. when i look up, is salcedo self, ketchin' kicks 'cause i eh even realise he by me whole time i wining on the pavement, so i put my earphones on him 1time and get the biggest grin ever when he realise wha' i jammin' to, pleasantly surprised at how good it sound...perfect timing...ah love eeet!
(i know i post the 1st 2minutes of this previously, abovelinked in this post too, but you hadda see the rest of the performance below and see them live for the full band...)

walk good.


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