Thursday, January 06, 2011


allyuh, i real screw meself with this flash fiction friday #35 (inclusion)trigger: spank, drank, thank, stank, rank. i always try to trigger without studying my vibes to make sure it equally random for me and stays a challenge for myself-as-writer too. but this rounds i was too damn good: i trigger with words that doh wuk with the male-trinbagonian voice i wukkin' on/with. i struggle weeks with this piece 'cause wha' i wukkin' on now need me to experiment with and perfect this male-trinbagonian voice, and the past tense "drank" jus' doh fit. it hadda be "drink" tense-regardless, tha's how we's talk, ent? so i try to get around it; see wha' you think...walk good.

be advised, eh: roughly 9minutes missing from this story-in-progress. maybe tha’ make me wha’ they’s call a “unreliable narrator”, but doh study it, griot does make it up in artistry. take wha’ i telling you. i’s paint- nah, nah, nah…airbrush…yeah, oui- i’s airbrush feelings with words; scene?
handle some exposition ‘cause allyuh come in the dance late, and plus missing 9minutes to boot, so, backstory:
prior to your discovery of our intrepid heroes in this here infamous brooklyn bar, corner of carlos+roberts streets, woodbrook, trinidad, west indies, the earth, the universe revolve ‘round we here, y’know…prior to your discovery of our heroes, wha’ transpire is demetrius had decide was time he put maria in house.
now alla-we done know wha’ go go on: he go start good good, usual story, but when the itch scratch he, he go scratch it back; no matter how nice she making home, he go cyah not horn. and worser yet, alla-we know he go horn she stupid because he like ting too easy- being he gyal is a thankless wuk since keisha fuck it up for everybody; but tha’s a nex’ story…
‘bout 9months after he put maria in house, he make the mistake of agreeing out loud when frank lick the blood from the back of he teeth to say, “i could take on bullin’ dat again…pull dem locks, spank dat big, fat ass…” as maria sister pass on she way inside, a ole years ‘metrius had tell everybody bring ting to grill and we lime in the yard by them. he lucky maria eh hear, but alla-we make he out and from then was just a matter of time.
now, griot or no griot, me eh carryback tha’ particular story ‘cause me eh tryna muddy nobody waters, but i know tha’ talk too sweet to not reach maria ears. i even tell ‘metrius bes’ he+sistren get they story straight, but he head hot above+below he waist, he eh have me to study. when the mark buss, maria ride and clean out the man in a one. she eh even ask him nuttin’, he jus’ come home and find she and every single ting except a meat-tongs from the same sister gone. now ‘metrius in brooklyn every night drinking hard, under: he eh have no reason to go home, no woman, no comfort, jes’ a mattress on the floor; yuh overstand wha’ going on leading up to current events here now…
as is friday, the boys limin’ since wuk done; yuh done know ‘metrius well+properly drunk from the earlies.
we on the outside when who should come walking down the road but maria selfsame sister. frank make she out 1st and as she+’metrius eyes make 4, frank try to pull rank, under, he brush it first, but ‘metrius eh even hear, he done rush the gyal, rinsing out she ears. we eh hearing nutting until she stop by the corner and finally answer-back, louder with every word, “i do not care what you drank tonight or any other night; jus’ ‘cause you cyah stop talk doh mean people hadda listen! you need to learn to keep yuh blasted mouth close!” and she quick-turn and cross away from brooklyn and leave he right dey crying like a little bitch.
frank and them catching kicks on ‘metrius head and he jes’ crying, watching maria sister walk away, so i feel bad for the man and buy him a nex’ rounds. but as i stepping back out to the pavement with the beers here now, i find all the boys quiet quiet, nobody even heckling ‘metrius again, everybody staring out the road like douen call they name. when i watch wha’ they watching, who i should see walking towards brooklyn bar here now, but maria sheself!
men waiting to see wha’ go go on; she eh realise ‘metrius by the corner, and he eh see she neither ‘cause he busy tryna quick-wipe tears to show face with we again.
i studying to distract the man with beers until she pass but before i reach ‘metrius, cutters come from inside the bar behind me, see she, make out the scene in a one, and buss out one loud, long wajang laugh, bawling and holding he belly. and as he start to shake, nex’ ting he drunk ass turn+vomit all over my fuckin’ shoes, hoss! i cuss he arse and make for the bathroom one time- me eh tryna smell like somebody else vomit rest of the night. he follow me to the toilet to finish vomit, and me eh know wha’ cutters eat so but he stank up the damn place so much, after nearly 10minutes i cyah tell if the small-wash even help; is like he stench following me…
but, waaayyy…look…maria stop by demetrius on the corner, like we eh miss plenty…9minutes is nutting! look ting now start…


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