Sunday, December 19, 2010

our pom videos

went back-in-blog-times looking for something for a pardner the other day and now my inner archivist insist we hadda finally embed and postmortem this project; in post-just-linked the final link included is to the video-director's post, process+postmortem, storyboards-to-videos; at the time it seemed better to let him explain, but in rereading his post and realising i should also embed the videos here, i also discovered i agree with his notes and my clear favourite of the 2 has technical as well as creative+sentimental reasons.
the crazyfool brought the project as director approaching actor with concept+storyboard+resources+deadline. i inveigled my favourite then-local(d.c.) bassist to provide original score, which he did, beautifully (as he did in another collaboration with tap-dancing pardner i linked with him; if you ever in d.c. needing boss-bass, holla). i got to be part of the process of refining the sound and am still, years later, very pleased with the result and thrilled that glen let me play and guided us well.
i totally agree with the crazyfoolish director's verdict of where+why the originally conceived ad doh quite wuk, so much so that here's a direct quote about his original concept (renew. reuse. recycle) and intention to "fill the cabinet so much that the woman has no other choice but to recycle the glass. but the last four frames fail to read, leaving the concept lacking. maybe the cabinet needed more glasses, maybe the video needed more frames - or specifically cabinet frames. i haven't figured that part out, but i do know that if the recycle concept fails it's only because my other gripe is that the reuse concept doesn't read as i had hoped either. again, more glasses might've helped, but ideally i think i should have listened to advice to fill more of the glasses with greater variety than the existing glass of straws+glass of chopsticks. the now considered good advice was left behind because i wanted to believe that the viewer could see an empty glass and know without being shown that one can put things in it. i see now that had i listened to those smarter voices, the reuse concept would've hit harder and the ad would've been stronger..."
true, but is still 54seconds of worth-watching, so:
my favourite (below) was a random idea i had and inveigled the director and the ex(then-current) to create images+movement for as well, and our bassist to score, once again, brilliantly. i like it more because of sentimental reasons, because i genuinely love both the creative impulses behind it and finished product musically+visually, and partly because of the small failings of the 1st piece to fulfill intentions; enjoy:
walk good.


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