Wednesday, November 03, 2010

cosmic conundrum

as i write salcedo starting a new piece on another wall in my flat, to prodigy's fat of the land this time.
he finish my gorgeous cosmic conundrum saturday night into sunday morning, sign his name and the wrong date a little after midnight, toasted with some stone's green ginger wine and call it done while admitting he already planning "fixes".
woke up later sunday to the bestest bes' pee ever as the perfect setup for ataklan+mistah shak @ the museum later. mistah shak was so good he make me wine and make me sad all at the same time; klanny open with who god bless, freestyle requests before he leave stage, plus sing bim (yay!) 1st time i ever hear it live, and soca gyal for me too, and a lovely ole lady tell me she like how i wine and next time she dressing up and coming to wine with me...danced with muwakil on the pavement outside the museum in the drizzle and drank orangepassionfruit juice...sweet sunday...
salcedo came back to contemplate the cosmic egg+serpent sunday, then monday afternoon he took the paint away; was almost sad, but then i have the mural to pleasure my eyes...(plus, apparently, new piece sooncome!)
the conundrum: he created a brilliant mural ultimately designed (technique-wise) to be seen from a distance, and we'll never get more than 9feet away; but being close is it's own brilliance...
walk good.


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