Wednesday, July 07, 2010

for the gremlin, whose talent is largely wasted in lion king, for artists and lovers of the extraordinary machine

pilobolus, 2005, part of ted talks, finally posted in joyous cumulation of turtle-watching with continuum and weekend in sans souci by eddie bowen inclusive of gorgeous driving to+from gran riviere twice in a 2days and wining down in a neighbourhood bar until well after sun-up, the 12 gig i almost didn't go to until inveigled by lovely people only to then have shelly finally play the song i used in trinidad noir and been waiting years to hear live for the 1st time, beautiful morning of plotting+scheming art projects and the beginning of the 1st mural in my flat by my love nickolai salcedo, sheldon blackman comes home today and i'll see zed+nico...just when i had almost given up hope, so i give something back to the universe by sharing:
walk good.


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