Friday, June 18, 2010

fff #24

again, not at all what i expected to write.

she bit her lip. that supposed to be sexy, right? she tried smiling with her eyes and promptly felt like a jackass when their crinkling corners crunched with dry yampee. hoping her optic crustiness was less visible than it felt, she provided (hopefully) distraction with a long, languorous stretch, arching her back, pushing her hips out suggestively, toes pointed, eyes closed dreamily in total enjoyment…at least, that’s what she tried to project...

this was harder than she remembered.

she opened her eyes and found herself looking directly into his, his study more intent than she could stand. after only a moment she had to break her gaze from his, unwilling to show but unable to contain the prickles dangerously warming her unwashed mask of casualness. she couldn’t remember the last time a blush overtook so fully, threatening to dissolve her into helpless, hapless giggles. she looked up to find him still drinking her in, and resorted to fixing her sightline firmly on his left earlobe and beyond it, into the safety of empty space where nothing provoked further eruption.

she had no idea what to do with herself, it had been so long since her last morning-after-the-first-time.

gradually, she allowed herself to relax. she allowed herself to look at his face again, reminded herself that intimacy was good and that she liked this person, and suddenly she realised how beautiful he was. she trailed her knuckles gently along his cheek to his jaw and down the side of his neck, traced the curve of his shoulder and down his arm until she tickled the outside of his thigh lacing her fingers into and through his.

she lifted his hand to her lips and kissed the inside of his wrist, its outside, each of his fingers, the centre of the palm of his hand. she put the palm of his hand against her cheek and smiled, with her whole face, her whole self, her whole, warm being. she leaned in and lightly kissed his mouth, leaned her head down to snuggle against his shoulder, closed her eyes, and sighed deeply, finally releasing the tension of these last years.

walk good.


Blogger crazyfool said...

nice piece, beautifully written.

i'm in+done. trying to amend my absence i wrote 22, 23, 24 in 1. not amazing but its a scratch back in.

5:35 pm  

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