Friday, April 30, 2010

flash fiction friday #19

so yay for folks writing last week's fff! love new reading material...
current went in st.james today so this trigger actually going up after 4p.m. trinbago time, but since the submission deadline soft these days *[in light of collective busyness, i not pressed about the monday-noon deadline 'cause i rather have fun reading late than never, so if you want to fff past deadline, go through hard, just make sure you comment on the appropriate trigger-post so we know which it belongs to, and if is a real old trigger, comment on the most recent post too, nah, so we know something new to back-back+read...]* we cyah be too vex, ent?
allyuh remember to read+follow the rules of engagement and check the comments so we can all read what others wrote, nah; i think last week saw 5ish submissions...
now, without further ado, the flash fiction friday #19 (inclusion) trigger: pleasure, pain, sweet, dark, trouble

rules of engagement:
you will send in your suggestions for flash fiction friday triggers (starter sentences/phrases, closers, titles, inclusion clauses, etc.) anytime during the week up to 11.55a.m. friday, trinbago timezone; i will post the new fff trigger by noon friday trinbago timezone.
if your trigger is not chosen and you think it is too brilliant not to be chosen, you will send it in again the next week.
you will write an anecdote, short story, or novel length prose poem using the trigger provided.
you will add comments and appropriate linkage to my trigger-post indicating your desire to participate and the completion of your piece (don't need a blogger/gmail account to comment on my blog).
you may join in at any time prior to the deadline.*
you will display your piece as a post on your own blog (or as a comment on my trigger-post or fasbook note or whatever, once we can all read it- please make sure we can all access the link to read it, not just those who are your friends on fasbook; there's a way to create public links for that, right?).
you will be done by monday noon trinbago timezone.*[teehee]
write fresh!
walk good.


Blogger mystie said...

The last thing i would ever see was the pleasure surging across his face as my life slipped away into the dark netherworld of the otherside.
Of course the first thing to drift across my consciousness was...i wonder how much trouble i could get into here?
It wasn't as if i did it on purpose, i simply made choices, not very good choices, considering I was dead and trying to figure out which side of the coin i was currently existing on, but at least i got here on my own terms.
I wanted to get high, to feel nothing. And given how many differing potent combos i was inhaling these days, the smelly guy with the manic look in his eye, did not really send up any red flags. In fact he just looked like a friend, one who could help me out of the jam i was currently in. All i had to do was give him a little sumtin to ease his pain...not a problem, especially since in less than a minute all of mine would be gone too.
So i made a choice, and went with him, away from all the people and into the condemned section of the street.

I only saw the flash of the knife when it was already too late. And now instead of being blissfully high in a dirty room of an abandoned building i was...

"You are not dead Miss Granger."
"I'm not?"
"No. Dead people have no value to our cause, you are very much alive."
"I am? Sweet!"
"We shall see how sweet you think it is when you see what we have planned for you..."

9:41 pm  
Blogger sweet trini said...

in+done; meet the gunta nerds, post directly above this on this blog mainpage. walk good.

10:52 am  
Blogger sweet trini said...

@mystie: as delightfully far from what i thought was the obvious, as mine ended up...yay!
walk good.

11:28 am  
Blogger mystie said...

thanks hun :)

12:15 pm  
Blogger Lisa Allen-Agostini said...

flash fiction friday #19 (inclusion) trigger: pleasure, pain, sweet, dark, trouble

The pain is inside me. I don’t know why it hurts. There is no explanation I can give. It’s not indigestion, a blow to the belly, a heart attack. It is a mystery that hurts and hurts and hurts until I cry out and then it stops hurting a little bit and then it hurts again. It’s almost sweet in its intensity, curled right in the centre of my torso like a smooth, dark stone. But I get no pleasure from this sweetness. It is sweet and it hurts, both at the same time. The trouble is that this sweet pain blots out the landscape. I can’t think. I can’t breathe. All I can do is feel it, and cry.

2:06 pm  
Blogger My Chutney Garden said...

lash fiction friday #19 (inclusion) trigger: pleasure, pain, sweet, dark, trouble

A dark sweet cleat

Will stop trouble
In the dark

Will stop
into sweet.

dark pleasure
in the cleat

I think I am supposed to be writing prose but hey, this is fun. @sweet trini - thanks for this. Didn't want to put it up on the blog because that's all garden stuff.

5:22 pm  
Blogger sweet trini said...

@chutney: you should write whatever the hell you like, once you use the trigger; i like using fffs to experiment with structure, etc.
and this piece is very interesting for me- very few words, yet every time i (re)read i find something different...
walk good.

1:53 pm  
Blogger My Chutney Garden said...

Thanks Sweet Trini. I just posted another one on my other very dufunct blog. It's a short piece I've been working on - I can't claim full credit for it because I've pulled a lot of the structure from Hemingway's Hills like White Elephants. I'm just trying to keep the pen moving. :)
Here's the link:

2:14 pm  
Blogger My Chutney Garden said...

Oops that's dEfunct. LOL

2:15 pm  
Blogger My Chutney Garden said...

Trying that link again.

2:17 pm  

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