Monday, March 01, 2010

fff #17

almost didn't make it this week but here's my flash fiction friday #17; tried to stick with a traditional story with beginning, middle+end, but i suspect this end is a beginning:

the rules of engagement dictate no fraternisation between opposing sides.
the rules of engagement dictate no cooperation between opposing sides.
the rules of engagement dictate no recruitment of opposing sides.
the rules of engagement don’t cover this.
can a creature like me love a creature like him? can a creature like me love? fragile, temporary, mortal…
the night calls him the way it calls me. he finds himself at my usual haunts three weeks of every month, is he looking to satisfy a hunger too?
hidden in shadows at the edges of rooms, i prowl, hunt, i pick+choose and follow until my moment presents itself. when i finally approach i have watched+waited, observed my prey and know what to say, how to move, what to do, to lure him away. but this one i do not bait; i watch+wait. and watch. and wait.
until this night.
this night i will draw him to me and see what this is i feel. he will know me and answer for his presence lingering, lurking in dark corners i frequent. so close, so close i smell his blood+sweat; i do not have to go to him, he comes to me, pulled by my intentions.
these eyes cannot be his, eyes on fire, eyes burning into mine. no man has these eyes, no man can look into me…
“good night, sistren. you call me? here i am. what is your desire?”
“good night…but i didn’t call you…”
“but you did. you calling me quietly for months, even if you don’t yet know why, even if you don’t know yet what i am. but tonight is our night. the rules of engagement will no longer be necessary after our night together…we will bring forth le diable and the opposing side will not stand a chance…”

walk good.


Anonymous Vanessa said...

this is incredibly cool! Thanks for posting it...

7:53 am  
Blogger sweet trini said...

thanks, vanessa, glad you enjoyed, more sooncome as i finally wrapping up a major editing project. walk good.

5:04 pm  

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