Monday, February 01, 2010

3canal show sooncome; jam-it!

haven't slept since friday night; saturday night post-rehearsal lime was so ridiculous that not only did i not get in the bed until 8a.m. sunday to then not sleep before rehearsal due to some minor fuss with the rasta, earlier i managed to break a glass pinny was using in my livingroom, only for him to then break his replacement glass not once but twice (yes, puncheon make man break same glass twice) and after not sleeping it took me over an hour to wake stanton (sleeping on my chaise, apparently with his phone ringing like crazy with people calling him and each other looking for his ass) for our 2p.m. rehearsal @ the mas camp in chaguaramas sunday; just reach home from panorama straight from sunday rehearsal, have an 8page spread to write about the show to submit tuesday, rehearsals every night for over a week now @ callaloo company including one by candlelight+flambeaux when current went, and we doh stop until we close carnival saturday night; we move into queens hall monday with our 1st audience friday and my having no idea what i doing except wining for the entirety of an ataklan tune...carnival sweet too bad...
walk good.


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