Wednesday, January 13, 2010

notes from the new flat; trinbago, closing 2009

  • cocks start crowing, already trying to top each other by 3a.m. and doh stop until afternoon; around 3p.m. we all siesta...
  • a gouti look-back provides a peek of loud yellow breasts of kisskidees kissing in the cerise-laden tree out the window past his shoulder that begs the eye to stretch for a sweep over the lower spread of fig trees and pulls the mind back to other rooms' view of yard+mango tree and gallery choice of sea or green slope, culminating in a moaning, shuddering praise for loving in fertile spaces.
  • smell of the sea competes for senses' attention with pommerac+pommecythere and pooteegal skins it seems criminal to throw away, with hosay drums competing with the pan tuner whole day then the panside's endless relentless pursuit of shanti om whole night, until tassa-heralded tajahs come for the last time this time over our low rise from cocorite to st.james gleaming like pearls+gold en route to obliteration in the sea the morning after a cobalt+gold moon traversed the same path to kiss the sun...
  • didn't make punchacreme for the 1st time this year 'cause i can't find the canopener i know i packed in the move, and refuse to buy a new one; just as well, since i doing everything in my power to be home alone as much as possible and woulda drink too damn much on top of the pastelles- 3canal show comin', jouvay comin'!
  • in a beautiful moment my flashing cursor + quantic's the 5th exotic delivered the synchronicity windshield wipers + car radios been denying me my whole life.
  • why am i in season right when i mostly want to be left alone to enjoy my life?
  • pass by the parents the other day and as i reach start digging up in everything on the stove. 1st thing i find, macaroni pie, all kinnah yumminess ensues. last thing i open is a smaller foil dish, another macaroni pie, and as i find it she pass by the kitchen, see me in the food and bawl, "oh, that pie's yours to take home..." who say bes' mummy!
  • grims rang and i didn't recognise his voice on the phoneā€ˇ...
  • why we get so defensive+irritable when we get call out for beppin'? we need to just admit, and go and pee and go in the bed.
  • based on recent and lifetime feedback, the overall presentation of my snatch is very representative of how i think of myself, not necessarily exactly how i present the rest of myself to the world.
  • watched the dog run hysterically from the yard behind the factory over+through and straight out the front door, leaving a trail of pawprints across a freshly painted set of 27'x24' arches laid out on the floor, way too high to even tiptoe for plausibility.
  • "stereotypes are like predictive text"- mollineau; "if you not livin' on the edge you takin' up space"- slapper.
and note to self 'cause i can't remember if i said it here for posterity and will need a reminder if/when i let myself slide: isoke granmudda say, man like 2ting; hos and bad treatment!
walk good.


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