Monday, January 11, 2010

fff #15 diablesse...

this week i put fingers to the keys to start typing but no letters crept across the screen’s blank page. faucet on but no water pressure. i put on quantic's 5th exotic and let the vibes of the new flat take over and think i got something i actually like...
flash fiction friday #15's an inclusion trigger: mind, find, blind, kind, dined

i see this woman before. watching her now, skirt swishing seductively around her haunches thighs calves i have her in my mind so clear, another time, another moment of her intoxication reaching lithe fingers pretending to be hers across a room to an earlobe or collarbone or nipple, scent calling, eyes beckoning, this woman pull at me before like she pulling now, imagined senses of her rubbing against me, enveloping, soothing, warm and tingly, pulling at my navel-string, curling low into my belly, finding my core and nestling in my warmth…this woman…
some lesser female physically pull me away, grabbing my elbow, coaxing me to her, but i blind to everything outside the aura of the woman across the room seducing even when i can’t see her, her heat pulsing in my veins. the lesser woman pressuring for a dance. i look back to see my woman make sweeteye at me as she lead a man to the dance floor, holds him close so our eyes make four over his shoulder as she sways against him, warm tendrils in my belly boiling and bursting into flame. i pull the lesser woman to the floor and lock eyes with my woman wining slow and graceful on the man with broad shoulders and salt+pepper ‘fro. her lips form a kiss at me, a set of lashes deliberately flutter closed then open again, my stomach flips, i unintentionally release a small groan i hope the lesser woman doesn’t hear or feel, pressed against my pelvis.
we dance as long as my woman stays with the man in the black longsleeve shirt, 2 songs i don’t hear and barely feel changing as i watch her, feel her, breathe her in, imagining her breath on my neck hands on my lower spine pulling me into her. she walks away, sweeteye again over her shoulder as she retreats, wanting me to follow. i leave the lesser woman – if i going horn my girl it will be only with the best. i follow her to a corner darker than i notice at first, excitement pounding in my ears. by the time i realise i only sense more than see her, that thought lose amongst too many exiting my brain all at once when she brushes my shoulder lightly and every part of me shivers, thrills to her touch.
her skin and her smell make it impossible to leave her alone, conscience-reminders of my girl become alarm bells in my head screaming not to do something i’ll get in trouble for. i make small talk to try and extricate myself; i know i cannot resist this woman.
“so where you from? how you find yourself in this dance?”
“i not from around here. i from country, visiting my cousins for the week…”
i miss the rest of her story amidst all my nerve endings shouting hallelujah at the sudden realisation that she would disappear before my girl come back from her family reunion in canada. i would get away with it.
the rest of the night is a sweaty haze of kissing, groping, pulling, until i sure enough to whisper that we should go.
“your place or mine?” she teases.
“doh care, once we both somewhere we could get naked together.”
“yours, then.”
“lewwe go.”
she smile behind her eyes, take my hand and pull me toward the door, skirt swirling enough to make me instinctively look down for exposure of what must be a shapely calf, then sadly disappointed that the light not on my side, delivering nothing but shadow. i know i’ll see everything soon enough so i simply walk with her.
she doesn’t let me turn on any lights in the house. she likes darkness. she wants us to feel each other.
i tear her clothes off and greedily start roaming her body with my hands and mouth.
a sliver of moonlight sneaks past the curtain, i pause long enough to appreciate the sexy outline and let my hand follow my eyes down along her hip to a surprisingly muscular leg. she goes completely still but i now distracted by a suddenly, unexpectedly hairy calf. i backtrack up her thigh to compare, again her calf is a horrible disillusionment. something wrong. something feeling wrong. the leg feeling kind of like…nah…
i dress back, squinting, trying to see better in dark broken only by her smile growing into a grin, and eyes curiously red. next thing i know i feel something solid hit me in the middle of my chest, something flat and hard knock me down.

she sound like she limping in the dark, step, drag, step, drag, step, drag.
she reach while i still gasping for air, and as the curtain blow up i finally see her naked form lift the hoof and place it square on my chest, the mighty conqueror, cackling,
“it has been a long time since i dined on meat so succulent…”

walk good.


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