Monday, December 07, 2009

fff #12, no inclusion next week, promise...

flash fiction friday #12's an inclusion clause once again because it made me laugh, sorry: prick, flick, trick, slick, thick...because i missed last week i incorporated #11 inclusion trigger too: block, clock, frock, rock, flock
just for fun (it woulda been no more difficult to say the word as triggered) i only referred indirectly to one of my 10 inclusions, so 9 of the trigger words in the piece but all 10 concepts there, used in mostly the same order they were randomly dished out, except for one i wanted to use in order but was necessary earlier in the piece and i wasn’t going to substitute a less effective word for what i wanted to day to satisfy a minor experiment. but i used it again, in order, just to be safe.
i enjoyed this, hope you do too.

block it out, concentrate, focus on other parts, it done in a moment and the payoff worth it. so worth it. focus on your tingling neck and earlobe, on the closeness of him, how good he smell and feel, all warmly pressed against your belly and boobs, firm and strong, focus on the fucking funeral frock crumpled on the floor, a smaller ball than one might have thought making you wonder for a moment if you looked the whole time like exactly the kind of slut who would find herself fucking somebody in her childhood bedroom while the wake continued below, focus on his hands roving your flesh, restless but purposeful, on the sensation of so many nerve endings shouting pleasure at once, on the insistently flashing 11.59pm, on how you hate when he stuffs his tongue deep in your ear, thick and wet, glad when his tongue returns to your neck+collarbone…he does mostly everything the way you like and so sexy doing it but the few things he gets wrong might be dealbreakers…
as you rock yourself in sweet rhythm against his face, lifting your pelvis to grind subtly into his mouth, a flock of raucous green parrots flies over, joyously quarrelling about the strangeness of the hour of this big-posse movement and all the neighbourhood dogs start barking in response. as you come an earthquake trembles the walls+floor, making your stomach disappear completely from where it had landed when your orgasm’s overture flung it into your toes moments prior. a small ‘quake would have been eclipsed by your own eruption, but this one brought books down from shelves and lurched the bed back into position against the wall.
you try to feel your toes, trying to catch yourself, and he smiles from between your thighs like serendipitous earthquakes are merely part of his special effects package. prick. although, his prick might be your favourite part of him, so don’t complain. at least, that’s what he’d say, hoping futilely for you to correct him…
gently flick his left nipple and trace your fingertips as close to the right one as you can reach while he relaxes with his head on your chest, the rest of him still pleasantly heavy between your legs. look affectionately down at him and try to trick yourself into actually feeling something emotional in this moment to maximise that warmth you know you chasing tonight; the orgasm’s just one component, but an important one, and you knew you needed him here, now make the warmth as encompassing as possible and hold it tight to alleviate the chill emanating from your mind+bones+organs. food comes later.
with perfect timing he slides up your body to kiss your eyelids and face, making your lower belly slick with a mix of your juices as his abdomen slides along yours, his thick hard penis following and marking its own sticky path. he eases back down just enough to enter you and as you feel the throbbing penetration you immediately come again and fall in love with him a little to the sound of bill withers’ use me wafting up from downstairs, for making this night bearable.

walk good.


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now i get to read fff #11 as well as #12...yay! walk good.

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