Sunday, October 04, 2009


just got home (true timestamp) from a saturday night partying in the dress i wore the 1st time i took my soon-to-be-ex-husband home, 8years ago; not only does it still(again?) fit beautifully in my humble opinion, it garnered many compliments (girls+boys both) and multiple phone number requests- guess i feel somewhat better...walk good.


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They never could get that right! The writers of these damn soap operas always leave me wanting, like las lap. After a whole season and two days of constant jammin and drinkin and winin the sweeping of the streets at midnight was like an obligatory granted wish before a lethal injection. Mine would be a friggin!!! Cliff hangers were like the ultimate...oh gosh the truck shut down at 10:30 and yuh ride want to go home. Is there no satisfaction in this life? I would cook by 11:30 cause my better half was coming an hour later for lunch...sheperds pie...curry beef and potato...chicken and get the part meat other part potato. Hence my dilemma. The lunch time soap was my window into first world relationships. But like mine it never climaxed!It was fine by me that the daughter he never knew he had appeared as his father's secretary and mistress. I didnt mind that you never knew who the butler loved, despite him sleeping with all the women in the household. That kept me glued. It also kept my mornings running like clock work. Breakfast on the table by 7:30. Oh yeah...thaw the meat the night before. Make sure there were enough potatoes, if not run to the vegetable market on the corner and stock up. Laundry. Read the papers and of course do the crossword. It was how i built my vocabulary. And just like with my soap i would have to wait a whole day for the satisfaction of completing the process.The builiding of my vocabulary, like the building of the plot. By 11:00 id be in the shower and half way into a bottle of cab or sav or zin or something. No one would quite understand how important this was to me, especially the writers of the damn thing. I lived in hope though that one day the camera would give me what the writers didnt, something to say yes, i know your life needs it is.

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