Sunday, October 25, 2009


so glad i took the attitude that i'd only see how useful a blackberry is if i expand the way i use the phone and really take advantage of its capabilities. so i fell properly in love with it the other night when i finally used it to edit text i wukkin on while killing time outside the house (big step for me, who, after all these years, still getting used to a machine over paper+graphite/ink, and that only because of editing ease) then emailed it to myself (also from the phone) so i had the changes via multiple access-options until i was back @ my machine with the original document to edit. sweet.
on the negative end of editing, this week i saw tv ads for a concert @ our local "centre of exellence" and received mail from our local ministry of planning, housing and the environment communications unit, bearing an inkstamp saying it was "despatched" october 9, 2009...
meanwhile our local ministry of health has thoughtfully created a webpage on becoming an organ donor that starts its "basics" with:
Q. What exactly does being an organ donor means?
and follows with:
Q. If doctors know that I have agreed to be an organ donor; will they still do everything to save my life? YES! Your doctor’s first priority and everything possible will always be done to save your life.
then poor writing continues:
Q. If I am in a coma and declared brain stem dead how do I know I won’t eventually recover? Being in a coma and being declared brain stem dead is not the same thing. You can be in a coma for a variety of reasons but you must be considered brain stem dead. In such cases, you cannot be considered for organ donation. Brain stem dead is final and irreversible.
and all on the same page as:
There is NO CHARGE to either organ donor recipient under the Ministry of Health National Organ Transplant Programme...Recipients for deceases donor are chosen through a matching systems...Fill the card out and carry it with you all the times! may be very difficult for your loved ones to consider organ donation unless you have made your wishes know before...there are approximately 500 nationals who need kidney transplant and...highest oh humanitarian ideals...
clearly my phone should be ringing off the hook with pleas for editing assistance, but when i consider how many people the ministry website probably passed through for approval before making it online in its current (horrific) state, coupled with the state of our local media (doh lemme even start!) it seems silly to hope they even recognise how bad it is...
walk good.


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