Thursday, October 22, 2009


so while updating sidebar linkage i discovered notices on our(continuum's) coco dance festival performance of strange tale of an island shade the other day. this review @ pleasure mentions all my favourites of the festival plus uses a photo of our piece, which i'm all pleased about because it was the 1st time we ever did it with a set (i guess 'cause the piece now officially complete and qh is a grander space than we've performed it in before) and i love the photo of me used in the set; truthfully, i find all its images fun (big up sonja dumas + simone phillips). check us out...
...and send me flash fiction friday triggers, nah...
walk good.


Blogger crazyfool said...

i hope you got (or will get) to keep the set picture of you. its priceless.

6:54 am  

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