Friday, October 02, 2009

i'm wayne brady, bitch!

i know the rick james sketches are major contenders for many but my all-time hands-down favourite from chappelle's show has to be the wayne brady. when he says "is wayne brady gunna hafta choke a bitch?" it still feels like the 1st brilliant fall-down-laughing time, and as somebody who admits liking whose line is it anyway? and brady in it, the chappelle piece is the perfect counterpart. chappelle's the perfect straight man, brady dead on, not under- or overplaying, unsurprisingly hilarious dexterity with a surprising character (kinnah like seeing bob saget[sp?] standup for the 1st time after seeing full house) since timing+delivery are what whose line... pushes. very bes'. go watch if you didn't know. that shit is fuckin funny.
walk good.
ps: i suspect i like it enough i may have blogged it before, felt familiar...if so, sorry for the redundancy.


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