Tuesday, September 22, 2009

information nation

1. for good, not evil: apparently, e.coli can be used to recover uranium from tainted waters and can even be used to clean up nuclear waste.
2. every mouldy bread have its stinkin cheese: teen decomposes plastic bag in 3months by mixing landfill dirt with yeast+tapwater and adding ground plastic. requires fermenter, growth medium and plastic, the bacteria (isolated as bacterial genus Pseudomonas and genus Sphingomonas) provide most of the energy by producing heat as they eat, only waste is water and carbon dioxide.
3. why you should read this piece on feminism: "...Now that women have the choice, they pick varied careers. Women choose to be doctors and lawyers and teachers and rock scientists. If women choose varied careers, it makes sense they would choose varied lifestyles. A myriad of personalities and ideals dictate that women would choose different paths. And one of those paths is traditional gender roles. I enjoy a whole host of traditional gender roles...I also love nontraditional gender roles...I know what I like and I'm choosing that. Having the opportunity to make those choices is what feminism should be about, not which choices I make."
4. that said, on reclaiming the word 'slut': "...A compact little word, forceful even in the way it sounds, starting out with a hissing sibilant and pushing off of the tongue through the L and U, and then that nastily crisp T. "Slut." Say it a few times out loud. Roll it around in your mouth. "Sssslut." "Sss…lllut." Say it again. Notice that it's difficult — almost impossible, in fact — to pronounce it neutrally. It's got a sneer built into it, that word. It's not as twangy and unthreatening as "tramp". It's not as easy to yell as "whore". "Whore" is built for screaming rage and dishes flying through the air, with a nice gusty H at the front and a big old roaring R bringing up the rear. Not "slut", though. "Slut" is muttered. "Slut" is whispered. "Whore" comes in like a punch, but "slut" tingles, like a slap. "Slut" hides behind the teeth. "Slut" is for when your back is turned. "Slut" is for when you don't act like a lady...Don't look too good; don't think you look too good. Digging your own self is slutty..."Slut" is for when you forget to hate and fear boys..."
now take that dirty mind to church! google is infinite, omnipresent, potentially immortal and remembers all...
walk good.


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