Wednesday, September 09, 2009

got crabs?

on my way out tonight (last night, really) as i pulled up to the traffic light on the foreshore where if you coming outta diego you could turn left (then quick right) onto mucurapo road, i saw a tiny moving creature in the road. swerved around it, realising it was alive, mash brakes and look back out the window to see a big-ass (for what it was) crab trying to cross the highway with its funny sideways crawl, gundis clicking. i started to get out the car to help her to safety, but other cars were pulling up to my bumper faster than i wanted to challenge running out onto a highway to rescue a crab. my mother would kill me if i get lick down trying to save a crab in the road.
still had a good night, but was haunted throughout by the thought of the poor crab i'd surely see crushed (and not in that good, callaloo or curry kinnah way) on my way home.
coming home just now, no (visibly) crushed crab, so with today's sunrise i give thanks and wish for continued crab safety, except where my belly concerned...none shall escape!
is a jungle out here...
walk good.


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