Tuesday, August 04, 2009

performance art and other found objects

rehearsing every night (except 1, thus far) sometimes more than one show/night for the past few weeks, between the canals' freedom.com and the upcoming continuum dance project. freedom was bes' and in spite of the stress of still having a solo to learn and another to finish choreographing (presumably learning through process) for this weekend, i'm excited for continuum. after that, i lucked into arlene doing 2weeks of technique classes so i keep dancing between continuum closing and starting rehearsals again for our queens hall performance in october, plus aunty noble's classes pick up in september- so happy to keep dancing straight through, because last long vacation was a sad and weight-gaining time. plus, i new ink between the 2 continuum dance projects!
in addition to upcoming shows (doh forget we have gutta beautiful to make, hopefully before year-end) i'ma help out some young visual artist friends who need people to sit for figure-drawing workshops, and depending on timing, will prob'ly make the gutta cast pose as well, as part of getting used to public nudity...
plus, some stuff i been meaning to post so i can find them when i need a pick-me-up:

White People Problems

when i grow up, i'ma move like the uspdf 2009 championship girls:

and when i need something to move to (not that they need my press after receieving the colbert bump, but i love the sound)- swedish big band jazz hiphop:

and lastly, a joke that had us falling down when delivered by a lilliputian, mid-rehearsal; meant to write it down @ the time because it classic but think i didn't, and it's been such an unexpected hit of late that i must, but try to picture it delievered by a precocious 13-year-old:
why it have no food in badman party?

because badman doh cater!

walk good.
ps: i already chose my song for the burlesque show i intend to produce sometime after gutta beautiful, but definitely studying movits for a possible encore...aye, zed- burlesque? choreograph something, nah...


Anonymous zed said...

sis u mus check out "felix" shes the bess pole dancer they out!!!!

2:42 pm  

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