Thursday, March 12, 2009

me eh forget yuh

the t'ief t'ing coming, as is carnival (post).
tonight's book launch was decent, except for an impromptu interview i was wholly unprepared for. didn't even occur to me, and they asked me not only to define noir as a genre (without being so versed as to mention genre) but then to explain my title woman is boss, which i couldn't find a way to do without giving away too much. of course, grims had the perfect tagline when i said as much in the car after. i should interview him to prep for being interviewed. i read better than @ uwi last week, though, more on par with the paper-based reading. i think being sick for uwi, the classroom vibe and unexpectedly having to "say something about the book" threw me.
i hate having to talk about myself or my work unscripted. ask me about something i get passionate about, not myself and what i do under cover of dark night. especially don't ask me to define whatever i've done. i even have to pretend i'm an actor reading some other author's script to read from my story.
well, at least my mother won't see tonight's footage and be mortified, because something inspired me to look nice tonight (for once, some might say) in skirt+heels and everything. i call it my "what not to wear" look...
walk good.


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