Wednesday, December 03, 2008


got me thinking:

for me hero has something crouching tiger hidden dragon lacks even though i could never and still can't articulate what's missing from the latter for me in the 1st place, just that it lacks a little something, and hero pointed it out.

drug stores make sick people walk down to the back counter to fill prescriptions but presumably healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front register.

why does lemon juice have artificial flavour when dishwashing soap made with real lemons?

is congress the opposite of progress?

"splenda with fibre" somehow makes me feel more like we on the way to the sad future of nutrients delivered in per-meal-dispensation pellets and food a disregarded concept, more than vitamins and prior single-component meals ("in a bottle" and such) have. but that may be my inherent distrust of splenda and other artificial sugar-substitutes for anybody other than diabetics whose only other choice is going without.

this blog is truly my online notebook. so much so that
this thought occurred already hyperlinked. but because it's my notebook i never bother that sometimes what i choose to hyperlink is only connected in my head. i sometimes feel guilty for it always being about what and how i need to record rather than the potential reader.

while writing this post i realised i never said boo about trinidad noir- i got my copies, devoured it then promptly did again, and really enjoyed it both times. it's a strong collection; i nearly peed laughing reading bobby antoni's piece and immediately saw how the american reviewers lost out having never heard trinis talk, thus unable to comprehend our language muddied with text-message-style delivery, but it's hysterical. i loved some pieces and liked almost all.
i was totally not embarrassed by my work when i saw it amongst the others like someone had once threatened (a certain jackass said mine was "pornographic", "vulgar" and "obscene" and threatened to withdraw from the collection if it was published as written; luckily i had an editor+publisher on my side) but was quite pleased and love its placement (so if you read the book, don't skip ahead to mine because you know me- read in order) and it's one of the better (neo?)noir collections i've read, even with a couple stories that might not strictly classify as noir.
and now i'm rereading mine for an excerpt, prepping for a reading i was asked to be part of next week. so there's a trinidad noir reading @ normandie (6.30pm thursday december11) and i'm assuming that once i find an excerpt i can handle the anxiety will give way to thrill...

walk good.


Blogger Chris and Mike said...

This is great! I especially love the pharmacy, lemons & congress thoughts - it's so true!

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