Sunday, November 02, 2008

sunday sex service

this evening, sabbath for so many religious, and many irreligious, like myself, i'd like to give thanks. this sunday i give thanks for aag, for leading me to some of my recent sidebar additions of good reading, and also to sexinchrist.
i've decided the whole site's set up by some dude who's found a woman he believes is easily controllable and manipulated, worth the time+effort of retraining in accordance with his every miniscule preference, hence articles ranging from the homepage's anal sex in accordance with god's will to fisting and god's will, to bare before god- shaving and the bible. this dude has his shit sorted- every time he wants to convince her to do something he wants, all he has to say is, "honey, i researched it, i looked it up, read this, in god's eyes, one thing about which there can be no debate is the evil of stubble..."
the lame part is that i started reading expecting to be impressed with the twists of thought supporting each biblical quote as justification, only to realise i could come up with better religious justification myself, even after rejecting the church so long ago. he's just not creative enough. i sent a message asking who he is- if he answers i'ma make him an offer- for a little $ i could come up with much better biblical backup for jesusfreaks who need to be told that masturbation is god's great gift to us...
walk good.


Blogger angel said...


i do believe i may now have seen everything. i sat here reading with my mouth hanging open!

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