Saturday, August 16, 2008

meteor showers, and the royal channa mix-up

grims had the beautiful idea that last sunday we should go to point radix (mayaro), where the canals recorded their new album, to watch the meteor shower.
so we and a few friends went down sunday night through monday morning- had a lovely time and will go back when we have more time to stay- the spot was as wonderful and reclusive as he (and his photos) said...
we meant to be there for sunday sunset since grims has extolled the beauty (and variety) of the radix sunsets (and again, his photos back him up; if you didn't check them out @ that 1st link, you should) but it was svenn/micki's birthday and we ended up liming+eating and not leaving town until late. small ting. we had excellent tunes, drinks, haw flakes, and company for the long ride.
after a last pit stop for more tp and the real vital supply @ a bar with music loud enough that even ballads made us cringe, we rode, headachy+deafened, into radix around 9pm (i think). the road-length barely-car-wide driveway wound (can't really say cut) through bush high+thick enough to invade the car through windows, grims doing his best to avoid the plethora of crapauds and potholes better described as ditches (big enough that the bottom of the potholes coulda been the road, with mounds of packed earth strategically placed for topographical variety; couldn't quite tell).
we got in, peed, set up music, got drinks, kurma, channa, spees and other favourite snacks, and the lime retired to the gallery. grims even moved the car so it didn't block the fantastic view as the cliff dropped off to the sea.
i try not to speak for others, but we had a good time. i certainly had a great time. we talked, smoked a spliff, then pulled our chairs out to the yard to look up. and it showered. stars, i mean. a little drizzle, too, but more shooting stars than i've ever seen in such a short time, and i want to say more than i've ever seen so close together, but then, the sky out there so big that i don't believe they were physically close to each other, even on a planetary scale. there was much neck-craning and eventually chair-moving as we tried to take in all the sky; out there it's just not possible to see it all @ once, and i know there were more shooting stars than any of us saw because each time one of us gave the shout, somebody eye was full with the wrong part of the sky. not that there was any "wrong part" of the sky to watch- as grims promised, you can see the whole milky way out there- i found myself saying, more than once, that even if i didn't see another shooting star whole night/morning (we stayed up; it was too good) the sky was so heavenly it was worth the trip anyway. i literally couldn't make out the few constellations i usually recognise because of too many stars. hopefully, grims will blog it soon, with photos (hint, hint)...
i also managed to make a mess of myself, as usual- while out in the yard, looking up, post-spliff (which i assume contributed to my tragic event) i had the bottle of channa and a royal extra stout. at some point, i put the channa down on the ground, focussing on the sky and my royal. soon thereafter, wanting more channa, i unthinkingly tilted the bottle in my right hand to pour channa into my left. then i discovered, as the precious dark liquid filled my cupped hand and overflowed onto my favourite light blue jammies, the dangers (and wastefulness) of double-fisting. later, as the royal on my left thigh finally dried, grims managed to spill his drink down my right leg, leaving me damp and smelling like a liquor factory until we got back home monday lunchtime. even that couldn't ruin the wonderful night+morning in radix- which is not to say that some of those aforementioned photos wouldn't go a long way to repairing the mental damage to my jammies...
the morning allowed us to see our space properly and the view definitely didn't disappoint- but then you've already seen the photos that describe it better than i could, and more sooncome, right grims?
walk good.


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