Friday, January 04, 2008

house of burlesque?

i know i said i was walking prepared for anything the rest of the run, but going into the last days of 2007 we planned to see some burlesque; i didn't count on being burlesque.
the weekend's shows began with receiving freshly laundered costumes in the dressing room- i was there plenty early, well before half-hour for a speed-through. i put on blue eyeliner (soon to become "runny mascara"), jeans, socks, sneakers, sweater and jacket, got soaked and entered scene1, and shortly realised that i'd forgotten the bra- it hadn't been in my pile of clean costume, and having not worn one since high school, i didn't think of it in its absence.
in the "livingroom" i debated my few options: i don't exit to the dressing rooms once i enter and didn't know where the bra was or have time to look anyway (i'm mostly on); the light-fade that ends my sex-scene goes with me removing my shirt, so it was a choice between baring my boobs or having the lights potentially not go out for awhile, requiring major improvisation, on a night when i knew for a fact that we had teens in the audience for a show that doesn't post a nudity notice next to the live-firearm/adult-content/language warning. i figured i'd lose the shirt like i'm blocked and use the added "danger" to the following scene's advantage (i don't get redressed for awhile).
the one thing i didn't count on was, after rolling off "anthony" in the blackout and stepping away from my clothing in time for lights-up, the realisation that what i'm usually doing while facing the audience in those 1st solo moments is rebuckling the bra i wasn't wearing. so there was a second of deer/headlights, but then i did what i'd planned as he entered, groped for my clothes, used it to our advantage, and we were cool. the audience didn't know they got a special show, but i'm letting my boobs take credit for the fact that our next show was sold out and we had to turn 25 away @ the door. and i found out that the light cue actually goes off my dropping my pants, which i lose 1st...
old years night, me+stiles("marty") did our "seduction of lady anne" from richard3 (which we love) for the new years benefit and it went over so well people came up in the lobby saying they had to come see us in the house of yes (which just extended, yay) did the reception then a friend's party, and for people who usually stay in for old years, had quite a time, even came back to the house for champagne+smoke+movies to round out the morning. i napped for about an hour and a half on the couch, and woke to a lazy new years day off with grims.
plus, we saw a very fun+funny cabaret-style burlesque show @ palace of wonders- a good time was had by all, especially some youth named adam experiencing burlesque for the 1st time- the ladies loved adam and adam loved them, ecstatically. i'm trying to catch @ least 1 more show there before we fly.
our realtor's seeing the house of yes this weekend; we'll see how soon after closing (now january19) i can make my way to sweet trini...
walk good.


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