Thursday, December 27, 2007

house of i'll give you something to cry about

going into this weekend's shows fresh off various nightmares of ingeniously disastrous failure, i realise i never mentioned last weekend.
we giggled when a finial of the 4-poster-bed in the "guestroom" broke off mid-scene as "anthony" was about to divulge his (lie about a) suspected brain tumor, but the following night i learned what happens when you leave 1-too-many drawers open in a dresser on a rake while frantically packing your shit (lingerie en l'air) to escape the horrible nightmare- the dresser fell over as i was packing the suitcase, luckily, considering the size of said "guestroom", not onto either myself or "anthony". we picked it and its drawers up the way anybody would, keeping the dialogue going, and it was mostly fine except for the brief break of "omygod that dresser's falling...oh, ok..." but i still feel like i fucked up on the candle- they switch on/off and look really good, flicker and everything- but i feel like when it fell (off the falling dresser) i shoulda turned it off like it "went out"- grims points out that then the lights woulda made no sense because the room should go black without it (power outage)- but i don't know...
i shoulda known shit would be weird when on thursday night we had an audience member dressed (in drag, "melissa") as jackie-o (unbloodied).
i thought it'd bother me least since my character hasn't built an entire reality around that pink chanel suit, and was feeling bad for "jackie" and "marty" until shortly after curtain when i was shown to the "guestroom" (where i spend most of my time) to find the pink chanel suit staring directly @ me in a "room" too small to escape it. i spent half the play thinking "i don't know anything i don't know anything" and trying not to see it before i was told the secret. it was awful.
i walking prepared for anything, the rest of this run...
walk good.


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