Thursday, August 09, 2007

expect the unexpected delays (24hour postscript)

as if uncontent with rugburn and bruised knees, last night @ dinner with covey+ganz i grabbed what i unreasonably expected was a wooden skewer (to steady it) and discovered it was metal, right off the grill. so in spite of being mentally back, i'm unsure how much typing i'll be able to manage for a few days. we'll see...maybe i'll figure out the template switch in the meanwhile.
walk good.
ps: yesterday my fingers hurt so bad (burned bad enough that a single second without ice set my whole arm+head throbbing for the 1st 6hours until i fell asleep) i forgot to mention the ridiculous part- within 15minutes of me burning myself covey did the exact same thing on another skewer, so we both sat around holding frozen peas all night while trying to manoeuvre silverware+food, wineglasses+spliff...


Blogger angel said...

oh that is SO OUCH trini!!! you have ALL my sympathy girl!
i burnt the inside of my elbow on steam a while ago when i leant on an urn handle (very friggin clever i know) and spent the rest of the day in pain and rubbing ice on my arm... by evening it was okay, and then i musta scratched it open in my sleep because i woke up in agony again!

11:21 am  
Blogger Peong said...

Those are what I like to call schmuck burns. I have done that a number of times. Pull something out of the oven, set it down, put down your oven mitt, grab the pan you just pulled out...

6:12 pm  

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