Saturday, June 02, 2007

sweet trini's school for men now accepting questions/comments on an ongoing basis, via comment, email, etc.
as a wise+experienced woman, sweet trini offers this public service to address the concerns of and assist the male population in any personal or relationship-related situations that might benefit from a woman's perspective. or any spouse's perspective. or where necessary, any perspective.

otherwise, in homage to a recent train of thought, the ladysmith black mambazo and kermit the frog alphabet from sesame street: scroll to disc2, track7 and pick your medium. and directly digressing, do brilliant comedians like robin williams and eddie murphy do terrible family movies later in life to make up for all their material that's not youth-friendly, or is it really just about cash?
while indulging random connections, another recent post reminded me that i forgot to mention my new favourite thing shouted @ us during a gig (up there with "don't kiss whitey!" and "get a room!" during juliet)- this little, little, little boy sitting in a group of kindergarteners who i thought shouldn'tve been there in the 1st place (and i thought he was 1 of them until...) shouted "kick him in the nuts!" when romeo+paris fought to the death in the tomb over juliet's presumably-dead body. if you want to see a corpse quit being dead and crack the fuck up, go see r+j, and come up with something similar to deliver in your best 5-year-old voice.

holy shit! realtime interruption- after growing up on sunday indian movies and mastana bahar (keif, you figured out "shashi kapoor"- what the hell does "mastana bahar" mean? anybody? because i looked...) finding a piece of the ramayana on late saturday morning local american tv, even with the worst ads ever, is wonderful. even with footage of d.c. monuments in its immediate wake- not even national ones- set to lame music, it was wonderful. plus, i learned something i'll love using (and also saw my "trini dictionary" links were jacked up, so i apologise for every time i've suggested using the unusable, and fixed the sidebar)- we trinis always say how trini-indians (especially my grandmother) so 'cosquelle' (also 'coskel') and i assumed my jewellery, tattoos and hair beads came from the similar impulse to bejewell and otherwise self-decorate in each major part of my ancestry (indian, african, chinee) but in the ramayana, when sita talked about dressing like an ascetic to follow rama from ayodhya into the forest, this woman said, "it's an ill omen for a married woman to be unadorned."- i can't wait for the next person to ask about my jewellery/tattoos/beads, so i can smile beatifically and explain that "it's an ill omen for a married woman to be unadorned."
and speaking of cultural justifications, why does my yahoo email account tout itself as "yahoo uk+ireland"? did ireland succeed months ago without my knowledge? weren't they making peace just the other day? do the majority of the irish not believe in email? what does it mean? and on top of that, why the hell was i switched from the regular old yahoo account i signed up for way back in 1996? it's not like my email address now ends in "", just that my inbox says it's in the uk+ireland...

anyway, back to our regularly scheduled programme: questions, comments, concerns?
and ladies, i don't discriminate, i just think men need help offered outright because they don't always realise it's available, while women tend to go looking for answers. but sweet trini's here for you, too...
walk good.


Blogger Peong said...

I'm not even commenting on the school for men.

On the other hand: the uk consists of england, scotland, wales and northern ireland, and is officially title the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland. The only land border in the uk is between northern ireland and ireland.

Just call me wikipedia brown.

10:36 am  
Blogger crazyfool said...

sweet trini's school for men is finally going public, eh?
i'll be your spokesman.
"it's no secret that i'ma client, and lemme tell you, this schoolin' real. i've talked my way into more pairs of panties than i know what to do with."(read using generic infomercial interviewee's overly excited response voice)
join now.

12:14 am  
Blogger angel said...

trini- that post absolutely cracked me up! i would have loved to be at that play!
sweet trini's school for men is a fantabulous idea. i'd like to ask a question, as a single woman. its something i've experienced a couple of times...
i meet a man i haven't met before. he seems interesting. he's great conversation. he's cute. he pays me some attention. he's friendly and warm. when we part company he hints he may want to see me again.

i understand men not calling the next day and stuff like that- thats not what bugs me. its that nothing happens... at all.

why is this?

2:27 pm  

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