Monday, June 04, 2007


grrr- driving back from dropping grims @ work (those of you who know me personally will know when i say i been doing this in whatever stage of undress i find myself in, come morning, so this damp 8.56am it was my mom's old thigh-length satin nightshirt and grims' slippers, 7 sizes too big) listening to wamu (yes, i'm enough of a nerd that i listen even when i'm not working @ the station; i'm also the nerd who had friends over last thursday night for grass and watched the spelling bee- my boy won, too) the female guest on morning edition was talking about the recently discovered would-be terrorists with trini links (as frustrating as us making news because the local religious denouncing elton john when we usually so proud to be such a small country making such a significant contribution to international sports, arts and progress) and kept saying the "jammy-at al musleem" (phonetic) staged the attempted coup in 1990. now, i work @ that station, and i'm sure any other public speaking forum would suggest the same guidelines: if you going to be on national media as one informed about a situation, pronunciation of names of basic players should be known if you the "expert", and checked if you unsure. and even if you aren't. even a basic googling immediately yields the name "jamaat-al-muslimeen", pronounced exactly as spelled. i was so annoyed i had to call and tell them to tell her how to say it.
and speaking of annoyed, i think i'ma have to stop using my favourite blue teacup- been noticing over the last month that it's much easier to gauge proportions of cream+brownsugar by colour (my longtime m.o.) inside a white or other pale-neutral-teacup/mug than the blue, and think i been doing fine by guests but neglecting the goodness of my own tea. this must stop. off to experiment...
walk good.


Blogger angel said...

how'd the experiments go?
i have the same gripe with a helluve lot of south african news readers- tv & radio. it drives me insane when their pronunciation is so bad that i doubt if anyone not south african can understand them. i almost pity the tourists watching the news in their hotel rooms...

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