Saturday, June 16, 2007

mastana bahar, and other music-related fare

no word from keif or google on what mastana bahar may mean, but he prob'ly busy (new home and all, and i haven't had a chance to catch up lately) but this saturday i must choose between the ramayan (for my mind; see last link) and dance class (body+mind).
there's actually another class i could take today that'd let me watch the ramayan and fits my work schedule better overall, but an asshole teacher named taurus @ our studio fucking killed that option by being the dick he apparently is.
i picked up the dance studio gig because 4hours/week @ the desk gets me all the free classes i can take- sweet deal, except (and this is not a complaint, because who could complain about...) i been in enough shows that half the time i'm not working and thus don't get those perks (unfortunate, because it woulda been nice to keep in shape with certainty during equus) and the rest of the time, between the shakespeare gig, radio station and rehearsals i'm usually too busy. i got into a groove last year with a class+teacher i loved then she went off to grad school, leaving me with classes i'm not interested in during my free time and classes i love but can't fit into my schedule. so i've not really been able to take full advantage of the gig. when edward3 closed i decided to give myself some downtime, then find a class to take.
so i did, and the other day (back when i 1st caught the ramayan on d.c. tv) i tried to take taurus' class. as i left home the gremlin rang so we talked the whole walk to the studio, trying to figure out travel plans for an upcoming wedding. knowing that studio policy says you can take class if you arrive within the 1st 15minutes, i got my shoes changed and water out of my bag while we talked, got off the phone @ the 13 and stepped in, ready to dance. taurus didn't actually look directly at me- he glanced up @ my reflection the mirror and tried to shoo me out with a flippant hand gesture. i looked, then pointed @ the clock and said, "it's 1.14, i'm not too late...", because i work there and have to enforce this policy all the time so i know, and he knows this. he looks @ my reflection and shoos me again, this time shaking his head 'no'. i stormed out, knowing i was right, went to the chicks @ the desk and asked if he had any special stipulations attached or if his class is subject to the same rules as all our other drop-ins, and naturally, i was right.
i stuck around chatting with the girls for awhile about the manu chao show and @ 1.35pm this woman comes in saying she's taurus' guest and wants to take class even though she knows she's too late. desk-chick (going to manu, but only because she bought tickets for thievery corporation- also good, but not manu- and then heard how good manu is) says she can't because 1.15pm was the cutoff, and besides, they were forced to turn somebody away @ 1.14. but then taurus sticks his head out the door to say, "she can take class. she's a company member and knows to warm herself up first."
needless to say, i was livid. who the fuck cares what company she's a member of? studio policy is studio policy and besides that, just because taurus don't know me my dance experience going back to age6 suddenly don't count? fuck no! and had it been somebody else while i was working the desk, i would've let them go in because they were inside deadline, then had to deal with them bitching when the asshole kicked them out rudely, and not be able to say anything but, "sorry, you're right but there's still nothing i can do because i can't physically force him to let you dance..."
so i hate him and can never take class with the unmannerly, no-broughtupcy asshole taurus, and thus am about to miss the ramayan. this class better be good.
walk good.
ps: inserting links for this post made me realise i never really posted about edward3; i think the experience deserves it so i'll see what i can manage, so long after the fact...


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oh no trini- what a jerk!!!

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