Saturday, June 09, 2007

angel on my shoulder

to answer my angelic friend: the tea experiment's ongoing, because while i find i definitely make a near-perfect cup every time in a white mug, my tea in the blue mug seems consistently much better than it was when i got mad about the bad tea thing. and i know i'm being more careful with my pouring and proportions, so that alone may explain the blue-mug-tea-improvement. thus, i feel like i need to keep making tea in the blue mug long enough to let myself get lazy again, and see if that's all the difference is, not accuracy.
and as for your question, i'll be back with an answer in a short...
walk good.
ps: on the other shoulder, web 2.0 ...the machine is us/ing us, courtesy julesd.


Blogger angel said...

i await your answer to my question with great antici-

as for the mugs- i have a blue striped one that makes a perfect cup of coffee everytime...

3:22 pm  

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