Tuesday, May 22, 2007

i guess he showed me

driving...somewhere, i forget, i got stuck behind a police who cut me off in the 1st damn place. he drove so fucking slow i was ready to cry. after blocks of torture we got to my corner just in time to miss the green because his police ass drove so fucking slow, and he didn't pull up to the crosswalk enough for me to pass the parked cars and make my (legal in d.c.) right turn on red. i was cursing him and all his ancestors, when our light changed and he didn't step on it and i had to curse him anew as a schoolbus rushed through the intersection when its light had to be red because of the decided greenness of our own. police finally got out of my way to pull over the schoolbus, siren blaring. my tax dollars at work.
walk good.


Blogger angel said...

heh heh- and just tonight i was watching cop cars jumping red robots- for no particular reason...

6:52 pm  

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