Sunday, May 06, 2007


clearly, catching up on my favourite blogs is keeping me too occupied to maintain my own...
but i must mention friday's success: it started sadly, with the need to acquire a glass pipe for a friend- he'd had 2, and managed to break both within 24hours (don't waste time with the obvious joke that perhaps it's a sign that he should smoke less grass- it's already been made, and doesn't quite work since it's not the point- what he needs is a rug in his new apartment so the little table doesn't rock enough to spill contents onto a tiled floor).
but we decided to make an adventure of d.c.'s few mini-head-shops, knowing 3places offhand where we could get a stopgap until his boy had time to blow him some new glass, expecting to find nothing amazing; this was a strictly need-based run.
while @ the 1st place (which was so good to us that we never hit the other 2) i realised that selecting smoking paraphernalia is like choosing sex toys- each person needs to feel out what pleases in terms of size, weight, hole-sizes+proportions, flame-face-distance, and aesthetics- i saw lovely pieces just small enough to worry me about singeing eyebrows, and pieces that looked too obzockie (trini dictionary on sidebar for the uninitiated) to enjoy smoking from, and one piece that i absolutely loved until we noticed that what we thought was red was actually brown- but he got something i'd have bought myself if he didn't need it more (and it smokes beautifully) and i'm thrilled with my small cobalt bong and very cool pipe that i can't wait to test-drive in trini (anything we smoke or stash with in d.c. will, of course, be left behind to avoid travel issues).
and just as i was feeling on top of the world because this place also had randy's rolling papers and glass "screens" for our new bowls, we had another stroke of fortune- i finally found the miniscule cash-only szechuan bakery in chinatown that sells pows! well, what they actually sell are "roast pork buns" while a (trinistyle)pow is steamed, but since i've always known you can get them steamed somewhere in chinatown and this szechuan bakery felt it necessary to stipulate that theirs were roasted (they don't speak enough english for me to know anything other than what's on the glass-case-labels and what we can determine by the point+nod-system) plus the fact that they had steamed veggie pows (a paltry 4, but they were there) i believe that some days, i may be able to get what i consider to be a real pow. i might even get lucky and have to ask what different meats the different coloured dots on the pows mean... corner of 6th+h st. nw, if you're interested.
pipes, plus pows for the munchies- if i had the digits, i woulda called ice-cube and chris tucker, it was such a good friday.
walk good.


Anonymous keifel said...

the closest thing i've found to a pow is pho at a vietnamese restaurant.

4:05 pm  
Blogger angel said...

aaah, you're back!
and it sounds like you had fun... i didn't think there was such a thing as a pow!

6:21 pm  
Blogger crazyfool said...

it was a good friday. i'm ready for more szechuan bakery though.

10:27 pm  
Anonymous keifel said...

gave the wrong name, asked my vietnamese friend at work, it's called Ban Cuon. Pho is actually soup.

1:05 pm  
Blogger sweet trini said...

thanks- i was wondering if i was wrong about pho...walk good.

2:07 pm  

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