Monday, February 12, 2007

just don't know what to say

so grims is planning our trip to paris and came across this review of one of the hotels we considering- this person demonstrates why the french (and much of the rest of the world) think americans are idiots- i mean, i see why she'd get pissy about the dude wanting her to say her room # in french (unless, of course, she's one of the americans constantly complaining that immigrants in the usa don't speak english, in which case, i have no sympathy) but how the fuck can one complain about a parisian hotel being too french? and who the fuck says the food there's good, then recommends 4-cheese pizza? and if she wants to travel, cassy should come to terms with the fact that many international hotels make you leave the room key when you go out, and if an obsessive-compulsive privacy-freak like myself handled it in australia, it's prob'ly not that deep:

I recently stayed at the Prince Albert Louvre and, although it was cute, I would not go back. The hotel has a great location - 1 block off Rue St. Honore (with cafes, designer shops) and a 5 min walk to the Louvre (beautiful!). But... the hotel was tiny and very in your face, like Paris was, actually. I liked Paris, but it's very, very polite and, well, French. The hotel had about 4 desk staffers, and all were very nice, except one who, literally would not initially give me my key until I said my room # en francais! I, of course, had been walking for, like, 4 hours and my years of high school French were in the back of my brain. I simply stared at the man and he told it to me and gave me my key. Later, when I returned, I obliged him, but oh my! This hotel also makes you give them your key EVERY time you leave. Ugghhh. For a very independant, quiet person like me, this was not enjoyable. But, they were mostly friendly. Also, the rooms were small. Mine was beyond tiny. Paris was a treat, for the most part. Great shopping and pretty good food. Try the four-cheese pizzas found in many cafes. The hotel was decent - if you like socializing and a very involved management, try this hotel! Cassy, Atlanta, GA

for the record, although i chose to pick on cassy from atlanta, she's far from alone; i just couldn't stomach posting the one recommending this hotel based on proximity to the nearby mcdonald's and english cnn on the tv on my blog.
walk good.


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We're going to paris - we're going to paris... (insert happy dance here)

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