Thursday, September 14, 2006

fashion plate (edited next morning)

just watched an episode of house of boateng on the sundance channel and i love this dude's clothes. during the "next week" preview, he mentioned the name don cheadle, and i just wanted to tell don cheadle and his people that boateng's shit is perfect for him. the thought of don cheadle wearing boateng inspired me to write words- i think that's a good sign that it's working.
and, for the record, ozwald boateng looks pretty fine in boateng, too...
walk good.

edit (10.46am, friday september 15, 2006): i forgot to mention that i loved boateng's menswear so much, that i even want to wear it myself- if you really love me, feel free to see if he carries extra extra extra small...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crap. Now I need to add that show to my list. And I already watch too much. And for the record, Cheadle could wear anything and look good. And yet I'm still intrigued.

11:20 pm  

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