Sunday, September 17, 2006

bad wife/good wife

so today i broke grims' bong, which made me cry because it reminded me of how i lost the earrings he bought me that match my engagement ring, and ruined the beautiful green shirt that we found for him that he looked so amazing in.
but just now, i was able to tell him that the "p" in alex p. keaton's name stands for "peace"- i don't think it makes up for the earrings, but it kinda makes up for the bong, especially since he told me after i broke it that it was actually paid for by his ex.
walk good.


Blogger The Peong said...

The only thing about you losing the earrings that upstets me is how much losing them upsets you. I think it just gives me more opportunities to shower you with presents and adorn you in jewels.

So is this sensitivity stuff combined with the guilt gonna get me laid or what?

1:08 am  

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