Friday, May 26, 2006

his name is (drumroll) toby...

i realised today when i saw him again that i shoulda named the engineer who saved the day in my previous post about the questioning of a national radio host, re: the frequency with which her vagina gets pounded, so i went back and added it, but figured i should name him here too, for those who'd already read the original version and won't notice the small edit.
and while we getting accurate, the 7second-delay that's industry standard is what wamu used to use, but apparently they now go with a 10second delay to make math easier, and nobody seems to know why 7seconds is industry standard in the 1st place. the guess is that it's the minimum time somebody felt comfortable with for doing an emergency cut+dump, with finesse.
i also learned that the wamu show i assistant produce for doesn't air with a delay at all- it's a live live show. dangerous, and thus, now even more thrilling to me...
and i forgot to mention yesterday, that the other unexpected occurrence was when a caller told me his name and comment, and i realised he'd been to my house. which is not to say i know him- he once met my mom on a flight (she's a flight attendant) and in chatting her up, revealed that he owns a film production company. my mom, being a mom, instantly told him about her daughter, the actress/writer, who he needed to connect with. then while she was staying by us, this dude came over to visit her, so the only time we've ever spoken was in my living room on a completely random occasion, which i still heckle my mother about from time to time...
today, a dude named eddie called in to say that he didn't have a father in his life and that fathers are often dysfunctional, but the shitty software sometimes loses/replaces caller details and i had to get back with him after putting him on hold to ask for his details again. so i explain the situation and ask him the questions and he starts getting all aggressive- he demands to know whether he'll get on air, and i tell the truth, which is that it's not up to me and i have no clue what his chances are. he then threatens to withdraw all his support for weta if he doesn't get on air, to which i gently point out, again, that it's not within my control, and that even if it were, i can't say that i'd care, since we're wamu.
so i get the details and put eddie back on hold, and of course, the segment ended without the host taking his call. so i sat still and hoped he'd hang up, but he must know the protocol, and waited for me to come back to him, explain that the segment was over (which he must've known because it plays through your phone when we put you on hold, and the 10second delay on her signoff had cleared) and finesse getting him off our phoneline. i said hello a buncha times and he didn't respond, but he didn't hang up and free the line, so i had to keep trying. after about 9 "hello"s, he finally responded. i said my lines, and he decided to try and be 'smart', and replied by thanking me for saving him $. he thanked me in 3 different arrangements of the same sentence, basically making it clear that he'd make good on his threat to withdraw all support for another radio station, but wasn't clever enough to think up a cutting way to say so. then he said goodbye, but as i thankfully waited for him to release the line, he said, "oh, are you still there?", to which i explained the details of ending a phone call, including the part where he had to hang up the instrument in his hand into which he'd been speaking, especially since in this particular case, i needed to close out all the lines and reopen them for the next segment. he then tried to gain my sympathy. "you know where i'm coming from, right?", so i explained again that who gets on air is out of my control, and i don't care what the fallout for weta is over it. then he said, "i know what goes on. i know how it is." so i asked what, specifically, he thought he knew, and he said he knows the host looks over all the callers to pick+choose who she wants on air. so i said that since he knows how it's handled, it's beyond me why he'd bother to waste my time and his shouting about it, and that i had 3minutes to pee before the next segment, so he needed to get off my phone. then i dropped the call without guilt.
why do stupid people try to engage with minds they clearly can't handle? do they aim to do it in situations like this because they figure it's kinda like customer service and we have to be nice and accomodating? or is it the phone-not-in-person thing? because i couldn't figure out why he kept pursuing it after the 1st was obvious that i didn't care, couldn't do anything to help even if i did, and thought he was an idiot. the control room was laughing the whole time, so i know it was obvious. to everybody except eddie the retard, who unfortunately, will no longer be sending financial assistance to weta.
walk good.


Blogger crazyfool said...

poor eddie. the dumb fool didn't know what he was doing calling in to wamu and then tryin to take you on. he'll lose everytime.
much love.
7 june 2007.

3:57 pm  

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