Tuesday, October 04, 2005

catch-up, kinda, a start...

so before i delve into this post i'm gonna make a list (mostly for myself, not you, because you prob'ly won't care) of shit i wanted to mention because it's late and covey's coming over, so i may be distracted, then fall into bed and forget where i left off. so i'm all about:
my trip to trini
the lilliput show and aunty noble
nico's album
being interviewed (actually twice, unexpectedly)
reviewing 3canal's jab jab say
not sleeping
the beach
missing grims but missing trini
the bathroom not getting remodeled
infinity that's bigger than infinity
a possible new gravitational theory posited by a trini

covey just arrived, so i'm out. thank goodness i made the list.
walk good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

well ? where is all the stuff ?


7:06 am  

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